Creating Outside of Your Box!

One thing I’ve learned about I’ve learned about creativity is that it breaks rules and some results are beautiful.

From an early age, the world taught me I had to follow that status quo versus being my creative, authentic self. Being inside of the box was safe.

For so long I feared stepping out and shining. I follow every rule while being so discontent.

Here are just some lessons I learned:

  • Creativity is all about expressing yourself.
  • Stop doubting your unique style and create from the heart.
  • Others might do it, but I can’t.
  • Never let your judgment cloud your vision.
  • In every design, I have a story waiting to be told whether it is visual or written. Let it out.
  • Be Brave and shine honey shine.

Stepping outside of the box is allowing yourself to step outside of your own way. To shine like there is no tomorrow.

Don’t let your dreams or dry up like a raisin in the sun.

Step out on faith and create as you’ve never created before.

Share how you would like to step outside of your creative box?

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